Oil Tank Removals & Abandonments/Decommissioning

Oil Tank Removals & Abandonments / Decommissioning
Underground oil storage tanks were the norm for heating homes for generations, but in many cases they have become obsolete with the rise of natural gas as a source for heating fuel. Underground oil tanks also can turn into severe liabilities for homeowners because they eventually will corrode and leak oil into surrounding soil and groundwater, creating an environmental problem for which the property owner will be responsible. If you have an underground oil tank on your property that you want to decommission and remove, look no further than C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC. Our experienced team will help you every step of the way with your underground oil tank removal, above-ground oil tank removal, or basement oil tank removal.

Oil tank decommissioning and removal is a sensitive and specialized process, so property owners need to know that the fuel tank removal contractors they hire understand it and will do the job successfully. Thanks to our years of experience, C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC has the skills and expertise necessary to ensure a successful residential oil tank removal wherever it is on the property.

The process of heating oil tank removal begins with uncovering the top of the tank if it is underground and pumping any oil or other liquids that are still inside. Once this is complete, technicians can enter it and clean the tank from the inside, removing any remaining liquids and/or residue that may have built up on the sides of the tank over time. Once the tank has been properly cleaned, it is removed from the site. In the case of an outdoor tank, a final inspection of the soil is then conducted and the excavation is filled with clean soil.

C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC is fully experienced in conducting every step of the decommissioning and removal process for oil tanks, including initial inspections, soil and groundwater remediation, cleanup and removal. For property owners who will not be using their storage tanks but can’t remove the tank because it would damage the home’s foundation or for other reasons, C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC also can perform a decommissioning of the tank followed by oil tank abandonment to fully address any potential contamination issues that may occur.

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If your property contains an oil tank underground, above ground or in your basement and it’s no longer needed, contact C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC today to find out how we can help take the worry off your shoulders. Our qualified team will keep your oil tank from becoming a problem in the future. We are also certified to remove underground tanks in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Understand Oil Tank Leaks
One of the biggest fears homeowners have concerning their heating oil tanksleaking oil tank clean up CT, NY and NJ is what to do if that tank springs a leak. A leaking oil tank is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with by dedicated and competent staff. If you are in need of oil tank spill cleanup services, you can rest assured that C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC has the skills and experience necessary to resolve your oil tank leak concerns and handle the entire process in a cost-effective manner. 

Because most underground storage tanks are made of steel, they may begin to corrode when they come into contact with certain elements in the soil. Over time, this corrosion can cause tiny holes to develop in the tank, allowing heating oil to escape from the tank and seep into the surrounding soil. Sometimes, the lines connecting the tank to the house can corrode or break, causing a leak. Although a soil test is the most reliable method of determining a tank leak, you may notice the odor of oil inside your home and dead grass or other vegetation in the area around the tank. Whether the problem is a corroded underground tank or an above-ground oil tank leak, the contamination of the soil surrounding the tank can become a major concern for homeowners. In many cases, it could also be cheaper to replace the oil tank altogether, which is an option the customer can select.   

C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC is available 24/7 for all residential and commercial oil spill cleanup services.


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